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Mark Knopfler was born on August 12, 1949 in Glascow (Scotland) Hungarian immigrant parents who fled the Nazism during the war. It starts to play of the very young guitar with his David brother and composes some titles. After various musical experiments, the two brothers assemble the group Dire Staits ("without a French round") in 1977 and meets success thanks to the title "Sultans Of Swing".

In full punk period, the group manages to draw its pin from the play thanks to engraved melodies and perfect arrangements. The group connects the albums and Mark becomes the uncontested leader of the group when his/her brother, David, leave Dire Staits in 1982. Mark when with him takes a little retreat and does not hesitate to leave the group to record the band its of a film (Local Hero) or to produce of another great size of the rock'n'roll like Bob Dylan. In 1996, tired of work of group, Mark records its first album solo: "Heart Golden delicious" an album plus intimist that those of Saying Straits. Thereafter it leaves two album ("Sailing To Philadelphia" in 2000 and "The Ragpieker' S Dream" into 2002) and plays from time to time with The Notting Hillbillies, group with the influences country rockabilly which it founded with the singer Brendan Croker, the singer guitarist Steve Philipps and the keyboard Guy Fletcher. Always in the fire of the action, Knopfler Mark in its panoply of musician, singer, type-setter or producer of BOF or albums solo did not finish astonishing us, for proof its last opus recorded in duet with Emmylou Harris "All The Roadrunning" left at the beginning of 2006.

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Mark Knopfler
Musician Mark Knopfler
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