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Knightley Keira

K-Maro, from its true name Cyril Kamar was born in Lebanon on January 31, 1980. It knows the war until its family expatrie, initially for France, then for Quebec in 1995. It is there that it is discovered a true passion for the music and assembles its first groups "the Messengers Of the Sound" (LMDS). The group records two albums which gain a certain success in Quebec, for proof: the group is elected Révélation of the Scene Of Francofolies of Montreal in 1998 and receives the price of the best album hip-hop in 2000.

However, K-Maro decides to launch out in solo and leaves to Quebec its first album in 2002: "I Am A the Old one". Success is immediate and K-Maro decides to launch out to the attack of the French market while leaving "Good Life" in 2004. Immediately the public is allured by its style and the title "Woman Like U" flies away towards the top of the charts. At the beginning of 2005, it is rewarded by a NRJ Music Awards for the best French-speaking song. But K-Maro does not stop there, nonglad to write and to produce its albums, it opened a restaurant in Miami and is on the point of leaving its mark clothing which will be marketed under the name of its birthplace: Balbec.

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K Maro
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