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Kiberlain Sandrine

Grace Patricia Kelly is born was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania. Exit of an Irish family, it is a soft and sensitive child, who impassions herself for the reading, poetry and art. In 1947, Thanks between to the American Academy of Dramatic art of New York and goes up for the first time on the boards two years later to Broadway. It is the true beginning of its career which naturally carries out it towards the cinema for which it will play eleven films with the largest actors of Hollywood.

Its career of actress finishes on April 16, 1956, following its marriage with the Prince Rainier III of Monaco which it had met a few months earlier on the turning of "the Hand To the Collet".
Grace of Monaco has 3 children with the prince: Caroline, January 23, 1957, Albert, March 14, 1958 and Stéphanie, February 1, 1965. During all its life of princess, profiting for the good cause from its capacity, Grace brings its support and its ideas with innumerable charitable demonstrations (president of the Red Cross Monegasque, creation of a village of child for orphan, etc.) or cultural (festival of the circus of Monte Carlo, literary price, etc). Twenty six years of happiness with Rainier and the Monegasques who ends in a tragedy with the turning of a road. Seriously broken the 13 septembre1982, Grace Kelly dies the following day of the continuations of its wounds and leaves an enormous vacuum behind it. It is buried in the cathedral of Monaco in the vault of the sovereign princes.

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Grace Kelly
Princess Grace Kelly
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