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Salif Keïta was born on August 25, 1949 in Djoliba (Mali). It is albino (black with the white skin) and, as of its birth, it is rejected by its pars which see in him a being equipped with capacities malefic. Its descent, in hot line of the founder of the Empire of Mali at the thirteenth century Sundjata Keïta, allows him despite everything, to grow in a favoured universe. Small Salif takes refuge in the studies and the song by listening to the griots, of the storytellers singers who transmit the tradition by oral way. In 1968, its dream to become teacher turns short following his problems of sight and it is thus towards the career of musician that it is turned. It leaves to Bamako where it sings interpreted traditional airs in a modern way in the group "Band Rail Of Bamako". In 1973, it changes group and integrates "the Ambassadors" who turns in a great part of Africa. In 1978, the group records its first album "Mandjou" then in 1980, following the gift of a patron, the group leaves to record two albums in the United States.

In 1984, Salif passes to France at the time of a festival and decides to settle to try to bore. Taking into consideration its talent, of its extraordinary and strange voice, it is quickly made a name in the African community of Paris. In 1987, it records its first album, "Soro", skilful mixture of blues and rock'n'roll sung in malinké and immediately gains a frank success which involves Salif in a world round. Salif since remained at the top and it benefits from its notoriety to come to assistance of the albino children through association which it created, or with the singers of his country by opening a studio of recording in Bamako. In 2004, Salif turns over to settle in Mali with woman and children (he is father 11 times) to approach its ancestral roots, but he does not give up the music and continuous to sing on the European and American scenes. At the end of 2005, it leaves the album "Me Bemba" which once more gains a princely success.

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Salif Keita
Singer Salif Keita
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