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Anthony Kavanagh was born on September 26, 1969 in the suburbs from Montreal (Canada) Haitian parents having flees the political régime of their country. He had always a taste for humour and the imitation and becomes the whooping-cough of his college by parodying Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy. In 1989, whereas it occurs in various bars of the city and meets a certain success, it Just presents and gains "National Hearings Rire" which brings glory immediately to him. During three years Anthony takes part in many show, but does not renew themselves sufficiently and ends up wearying the public.

On the basis of the principle that what does not kill to us reinforces us, Anthony, calls itself in question and reconsiders the front of the scene in 1992, decided well this time not to leave fires of the slope more. In 1995, it occurs on scene in its first one man show and in 1996 it leaves to the attack the French-speaking world while taking part in a festival the laughter into Swiss. With Pascal Légitimus, it work the rewriting of its sketches and in 1998 launches out in a round which carries out it to the four corners of the hexagon. The public falls under the charm from beautiful young man and in redemande. Anthony takes part in many emissions of television and its ease makes of him the ideal candidate to present the "NRJ Music Awards", the greatest variety programme French, in 2002. Since, Anthony returns each year to present this show, without forgetting to prepare the writing of his next one man show "the Demons Of Arkange" planned for 2006.

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Anthony Kavanagh
Humorist Anthony Kavanagh
Illustration of Anthony Kavanagh


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