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Patricia Kaas was born on December 5, 1966 in Forbach in Lorraine, of a French father and a German mother. She occurs on scene as of the eight years age by interpreting titles of singers in vogue (Sylvie Vartan, Claude Francois, Mireille Mathieu, Liza Minnelli, etc). Of ball in family celebrations, the small Patricia forges an artistic world good with it and ends up pointing out herself in 1985 and records its first individual, "Jealous", which, if it does not meet an enormous success, makes him a pretty calling card which will open doors to him.

It is thing made in 1987, following its meeting with Didier Barbelivien, leaves “Mademoiselle Chante Blues”. The title is a true success and the album which leaves in the tread receives the same good reception of the public. Patricia leaves in round to France and in all Europe or it perceived like new a Sparrow. The albums according to are sold per hundreds of thousands and are rewarded many times by Victories For the Music. Surrounded by the best type-setters (Goldman, Obispo, Ground-Gil, etc.) all seems to succeed in Patricia who decides into 2001 to launch out in the cinema while playing for Claude Lelouch in "And Now... Ladies And Gentlemen ". It also records the original band of film, which contributes to increase its success internationnal. In 2003, "Stronger sex leaves" which once more east followed of an incredible round which carries out the young woman to the four corners of planet and consolidates it in its place of ambassadress of the French song.

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Patricia Kaas
Singer Patricia Kaas
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