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Norah Jones was born on March 30, 1979 in New York and grew in the suburbs of Dallas. During its youth, it is rocked by the music that his/her mother listens, mainly jazz and soul.
It is after the college that it specializes in the piano jazz at the university of Texas North. It plays in various groups before creating to it his with Jesse Harris, Lee Alexandre and daN Rieser.
In October 2000, it records a model taking again several of these compositions at the house of discs Blue Note which gives him its chance. Its first album "Come Away With Me" leaves in spring 2002. This album is tender and delicate mixture of jazz and blues. On soft melodies its hot voice that it accompanies with the piano charms the public, with this album, Norah raid 8 Grammy Awards. Its second album "Feels Like Home" in the vats at the beginning of year 2004, continues to transport us in the world of softness and romanticism that Norah Jones knew to create.

For its third opus, "Not Too Late", left in 2007, Norah Jones worked with his companion at the city as with the scene, the bass player Lee Alexandre, It delivers to us in the space of thirteen titles, this time without aucunes taken again, a ripe and succeeded album proving if it were necessary it still that beautiful Norah Jones is there for a long time still, and that it is not too late to discover it.

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Norah Jones
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