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Elton John, from his true name Reginald Kenneth Dwight was born on March 25, 1947 in Pinner in Middlesex. It starts to play of the piano at age the 4 years and as of 11 years it receives a first price with the Royal Academy of Music. Elton is plunged in the world of pop at the end of the Sixties. It is made the hand with various groups, among which "Bluesology". It admires so much the singer of this group, John Baldry and the saxophonist Elton Dean that from this moment it decides to be made call Elton John. In 1969 Elton meets the type-setter with success Bernie Taupin. They work together, and Elton John leaves its first album solo with like title headlight celebrates it song "Your Song".

Elton enters the Seventies with its hats and its extravagant glasses and becomes a star, surfant on the pop wave, assuming all its eccentricities, it collects the titles with success and the gold discs. Dès1976 Elton John has his star on Hollywood Boulevard of Fame.
Its life more or less dissolue feeds the pewters, a marriage in 1984, to try to hide its homosexuality, then in 1989 after having divorced, it acknowledges that it is homosexual, and not bisexual, as it had made believe hitherto. This handing-over in question carries out Elton towards humane engagements. It creates its Foundation "Elton John Aids Foundation" to help the patients of AIDS, it lends its image and its texts for good causes.
It composes the original band of film "King Lion" of Disney. For its song "Edge You Feel the Love Tonight" it receives Academy Award of the song of the year and Grammy of the best male singer.
Individual "the Candle in the Wind" that it sang during funeral of Diana Lady paid nearly 30 million dollars to the "Diana Foundation".
With the music of the opera of Made green adapted by Elton John, Tim Rice presents at Brodway the musical "Helped". The same year to celebrate its thirty years of career it leaves a compilation taking again its larger titles.
With more than forty albums produced and sold with more than 150 million specimen throughout the world, Elton John marked forever his name in the history of the music.

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