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Scarlett Johansson was born on November 22, 1984 in New York. It has a twin brother Hunter, an older sister and a big brother Vanessa and Adrian as well as a half-brother also older Christian.
Its passion for the theatre and the cinema appears at the time of its more tender childhood, this is why it decides to follow courses of comedy within the school Lee Strasberg. Then eight years old, the small New Yorkean begins its career from actress with Brodway by interpreting the principal role of the part "Sophistry" at the sides of Ethan Hawke. Then it holds in 1994 a minor part on the large screen in a film of Rob Reiner. It appears thereafter in various films, as "Right Cause" at the sides of Sean Connery or "Mom, I occupy myself Of Malicious" (in 1997).

But it is the role of Grace in "the Man Who Murmured A the Ear Of the Horses" which reveals Scarlett Johansson in the whole world. After that it plays in many films in particular "The Barber: L’Homme which did not n’était Là "," Arac Attack "," Ghost World"(2002), and especially" Lost in Translation"(2003) which allows him a nomination for the Oscars of the Best Actress. This film made of pretty Scarlett one of most connected the actresses and requested moment. Everyone want it but only the large ones obtain it, it is thus the superstar of "Match Not" (2004) of Woody Allen, the egery of the painter Johannes Vermeer in "Girl A the Pearl" and the sexy adventurous one in film of action"The Island". Insatiable, it connects turnings in kinds as various as the comedy ("A Good Woman") or films in costumes ("The Other Boleyn Girl"). At the end of 2006 it is the heroin of new Woody Allen, "Scoop" in which it incarnates a charming coed in journalism and the year 2007 will be the year Scarlett Johansson with step less than eight turnings to its diary. It manages in more of all to launch out in the music by recording an album ("Jai Alai Savant") of recoveries of Tom Waits on whom it proves that it is not that a bomb, that happiness.

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Scarlett Johansson
Actress Scarlett Johansson
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