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Jean-Paul II, from his true name Karol Józef Wojtyla was born on May 18, 1920 in Wadowice, small city located at 50 km of Cracow. After its secondary studies it is registered in 1938 at the Jagellon University of Cracow and a course of theatre. Following the occupation of Poland by Germany in 1939, the Karol young person had to work on a chemical power site Solvay in order to earn his living and to escape from the deportation. From 1942, feeling its vocation with priesthood, it follows the training courses of the clandestine Seminar of Cracow east becomes one of the promoters of the Theatre Rapsodique, him so clandestine. With the end of the Second World war, it continues its studies with the Great Seminar of Cracow and the Faculty of theology of the Jagellon University, until its sacerdotal ordination on November 1, 1946. After a stay in Rome where it continues its studies, it returns to Poland there to support a thesis and to become teaching theology with the Seminar of Cracow.

July 4, 1958, it is named Evêque of Cracow then on January 13, 1964 Archbishop of the same city and finally Cardinal on June 26, 1967. October 16, 1978, it is indicated to succeed Jean Paul 1st and becomes thus first Polish chief of the catholic church. Large traveller, Jean Paul 2 achieved 104 apostolic voyages out of Italy and 146 pastoral visits in Italy. He succeeded in renovating the image of the church while taking part at the time of his displacement in meetings with the faithful ones misent in scene as for the rock'n'roll stars and frequently joining together several thousand hundred of believing. Jean Paul 2 leaves also an important sum of document among which 14 apostolic encyclicals, 15 exhortations, 11 apostolic constitutions and 45 apostolic letters and five books. Weakened by the disease since the end of the Nineties Jean Paul 2 never will however have ceased gathering around him the faithful ones and will have also to reinforce the dialogue with the other religions by ardant defender of the humans right, of religious freedom and the social justice which it was. Jean-Paul II is deceased on April 02, 2005.

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Jean Paul 2
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