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Jeanette, from its true name Jeanette Dimech, was born on October 10, 1951 in London (England) from a mother originating in the Canarie islands and from a father originating in the ex Belgian Congo. She passes a part of her childhood to the United States then since 1963, following the divorce of her parents, her mother comes to settle in Barcelona. It is there that the girl takes her first steps in the world of the music by learning the guitar and by writing her first songs.

Randomly of a meeting it becomes the singer of group Peak-NIC. The house of discs of the group decides to make Jeanette in solo and it records its first individual "Soy Rebelde" into 1971 which will meet a beautiful success. But the uncontested tube of Jeanette and the title "Porque Te Vas" that it records in 1974 and who will be sung in the whole world in 1976 when Carlos Knows in fact the principal title of the band its of his film "Cria Cuervos". Jeanette is not to stop singing after this true tube but it that these albums did not meet same success. After marryhaving married at the beginning of the Eighties, it moves away from the medium from the song and fact right a bracket in 1988 to deliver the album "Corazon De Poeta". At all events from the action pursuant which it takes to its career, its interpretation of "Porque Te Vas" to fact of Jeanette a singer impossible to circumvent and leaves a memorable title.

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