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Jean-Michel Jarre was born in Lyon on August 24, 1948. Wire of the type-setter of film music Maurice Guard hair, it grows in front of a piano where it studies the jazz and the classical music. After some experiments in rock'n'roll groups of its city, Jean-Michel turns to the experimental and electroacoustic music within the Group of Musical Research where he becomes pupil of Pierre Schaeffer. It records its first album in 1971, it is a failure. To earn its living, it signs texts for the singers of the French scene of the moment: "Blue Words" for Christophe, "Where Are the Women" for Patrick Juvet, etc. It does not give up any therefore its desires of musics electronics and in 1976 the album leaves "Oxygenates" which climbs immediately at the top of the hit-parades in the whole world and remains today an unequalled success in the history of the French disc with more than 12 million sold specimens.

Since Jean-Michel Jarre A left on average an album every two years but he especially wanted to put in scene his music at the time of imposing representation joining together up to 3,5 million spectators. From Peijing in Houston while passing by Moscow or Paris, Jean-Michel Jarre is the man of a whole series of event: 25 birthday of NASA, 50 2nd birthday of UNESCO, visits of the Pope in France, passage of the year 2000, etc. Recognized everywhere in the world for its talent there is been overcast with rewards but remains humble and timid and devotes a great part of its weather to work on new technologies as its album proves it, "Aéro" which uses technology 5.1, to put the listener inside the sound. In 2006 Jean-Michel explores a new musical world while leaving the album "The Symphonic" with the twenty titles played and arranged for a symphony orchestra. The following year it is with very dancing "Téo & Téa" that Jean Michel Jarre returns.

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Jean-Michel Jarre
Musician Jean-Michel Jarre
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