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Jay Kay was born on December 30, 1969 close to Blackburn (England). It grows near his mother singer of jazz and is directed naturally towards a musical career. In 1991, it melts the Jamiroquai group. As of the exit of its first album the group is noticed by Sony which proposes a contract to them.

The style of the group (mixture of soul, techno, funk, jungle, acid jazz, etc), associated the inimitable voice of Jay, quickly allured a public many both in England and elsewhere, in particular in France or at Japan, and places the group among the best of the Nineties. The recording of albums ("The Return Of The Space Cowboy", "Dolly Without Moving", etc.) and the round are connected and the rewards rain. Become an element impossible to circumvent of the world musical landscape, Jamiroquai is awaited each new exit of album. In 2005, with "Dynamite", its new opus which little already to be regarded as more achieved and more diversified group, the public is still with go since the album is classified first of the sales as of its exit.

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