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Kery James, from his true name Alix Mathurin, was born on December 28, 1977 in Haiti. Its family comes to settle in Parisian suburbs when it is 7 years old and it is there that it grows with a great difficulty of adaptation which pushes it with the street and towards the rap. It sings within the group "Ideal J" with the explicit and raw words which records, whereas Kery is only 15 years old, its first individual. A few years later the group records its first album "O' riginal MC" on which Kery signs a great part of the texts. The group becomes impossible to circumvent in the medium of the rap and Kery benefits from this success to launch out in solo. In parallel, Kery, following the example large American rappeurs, is invested fully in the Islamic religion. In 2001, it leaves album, "If were To remake", which initially catches on the wrong foot the critic and the public, but succeeded in being sold with more than 100 000 specimens. In 2004 it launches out in a humane project "Knowledge And Food Together" by gathering great names of the French rap like Passi, Diam' S, Disiz the Plague, etc. Then returns in April 2005 with a new album solo, "My Truth" album with message which does not leave indifferent.

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Kery James
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