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Mick Jagger was born on July 26, 1943 in Dartford in England. It is interested very young person in Rythm & Blues, and begins the song and the harmonica at the 15 years age. Like many high-school pupils, it also melts his own group with some impassioned comrades of music them, Little Boy Blue & The Blues Servant boys. But Michael and her friend Keith Richards current member of Rolling Stones) are not fans of the school authority. They are made all two return of their college to have expressed against the uniform. Friends from the nursery school, the two boys lose sight of the fact themselves then find themselves by chance on the quay of a station. Their the idea comes then from a group, and in May 1963 "Come One leaves" it first 45 turns of Rolling Stones. Accompanied by Brian Jones, Mick Avory and Dick Taylor, Mick.J and Keith.R become the mythical group of the history of the rock'n'roll.

A little later the formation of the group changes, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman replace Mick Avory and Dick Taylor. The young musicians meet an immense success, and sell million discs throughout the world. The life of Jagger is exposed in the international tabloïds, the small rockor and its problems of drugs impassion general public. But its vexations do not harm its career, quite to the contrary, after 40 years within the group, it always makes speak about him. Even in solo, the small Mister with multiple successes remains the god of the rock'n'roll, he is even solemnly named knight by the Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in December 2003.

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