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Janet Jackson was born on May 16, 1966 in Gary, in Indiana. Benjamine of a family of eight children, it grows rocked by the music these brothers. It dreams to become actress and plays in several sitcom, but his/her father does not hear it as follows: it will make music, as the remainder of the family. In 1982, it leaves its first album which is a commercial failure. She repeats in 1984 and meets a new failure, but the obstinacy ended up paying. "Control" the title of its third album launches its career and finally allows him to be made a first name in this Jackson dynasty which marks the Eighties. In 1989, Janet dedicates its album "Janet Jackson' S Rythm Nation 1814", with the children of the streets and the ghettos. The pieces prove to be impeccable machines to be danced; assessment: 14 million specimens sold throughout the world. In 1993, it returns with a sexier image, and a new album, "Janet".

In October 1997, the album leaves all successes: "The Velvet Rope". This album is a chief of work in which Janet proves to us that it acquired a total artistic maturity.
After a small hook by the cinema (the Foldingue Family), Janet leaves a new album in 2001, with the tonalities happier than the precedents: "All For You" contains to him also its heavy tubes: "Doesn' T Really Matter" for example.
After 3 years of absence Janet Jackson is back in the vats in 2008 with its Ninth album : "Discipline".

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Janet Jackson
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