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Christopher Joseph Isaak was born on June 26, 1956 in Stockton in California. It attends the college Stag High Schoolet, enters to the Delta College then continues its studies at the university of the Pacific. Within the framework of a university exchange, Chris by for Japan, in parallel with its studies, it work as a roofer, tourist guide, and even boxer amateur (of or its damaged nose which he was made broken 7 times). They is low there which it discovers the music of Presley Elvis.
At the time of its return to HAVE, him and his/her big Nick brother put themselves at the guitar and start to occur on scene. In 1980, beautiful Christopher invests in its first guitar Sears Silvertone, finally graduate in "Communication arts and English", it leaves for San Fransisco and form a group of music there Silvertone with James Calvin Wisley (guitar), Rowland Salley (low), and Kenney Dale Johnson (battery). With his three friends, it foams the Californian bars and clubs.

Then is made locate in 1981 by Erik Jacobsen, its producer. In 1983, it signs with the house Warner Bros. Records and records its first album "Silvertone" which leaves on February 5, 1985. The group thus starts to give representations in Los Angeles but the album is sold only with 12000 specimens. Determined to bore in the trade, the 4 young men leave in 1987 new a opus entitled "Chris Isaak". The time of the bars is beautiful and finished well, it is with tele that the group is seen. Their first album then gains Bammie (Bay Area Music Awards) for the best group.
In 1988, Chris takes its first steps on the large screen by playing a clown in "Married to the Mob". And the same year its second Brammie gains. One year later, leaves a third opus containing the famous one and torrid song "Wicked Game". It is a success. It makes the first parts of large artists like Tina Turner and appears in many films.
It records "Forever Blue" which quickly becomes platinum disc. Until into 2000, nothing does not change, Chris and its Silvertone group raflent all Bammies, are many times nominated in Awards, and appear in films and series. Chris is since 2001 with the head of its own series "The Chris Isaak Show".

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Chris Isaak
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