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Isaak Chris

The Indochine group was born with the beginning from the year 1981 from the meeting from Nicola Sirkis and Domenica Nicolas quickly joined by Dimitri Bodianski. After some concerts the group signs an engagement with a house of discs and leaves first individual which enables them to be pointed out and to find new engagements to grind their compositions.

Into the beginning of year 82, Stephan, the twin brother of Nicola, integrates the group which leaves, little of time after, its first album: "the adventurer". It is a genuine paperboard and Indochine is greeted by a unanimous criticism. The second album ("the Yellow peril", 1983) then the following ("3", 1985) meet same success, in particular thanks to titles like "Miss Paramount", "Canary Bay", or "3 Nights Per Week". The group leaves in interminable rounds before making a short station-wagon. In 1987 the group takes with against foot the critic and the public while leaving an album resolutely more rock'n'roll and darker "7 000 Dances". If the album carries out sales more than honourable (400 000 specimens) the first dissensions are made feel and in 1989 Dimitri Bodianski leaves the group. It does not matter, Indochine continuous to exist and leaves "the Kiss" in 1990. The press does not support the album and the passion of the public disappears, the sales fall. The things worsen with the album according to "One Day In Our Life" which is boycotted by the media. The continuation is a long crossing of the desert intersected by meetings in concerts with a public remained faithful. In 1995 Domenica Nicolas leaves the group and in February 1999 in full recording of the album "Dancetaria" Stephan dies of striking down hepatitis. Nicola however decides to continue the adventure Indochine and in 2002 finally resurrection with the exit of "Paradize arrives". The title "I Asked for A the Moon" is an immense success and the detractors of the group who qualified it formerly the old-fashioned ones are well obliged to re-examine their judgement: Indochine is a great French group. At the end of 2005, Indochine leaves its tenth album studio "Alice And June" and is on the point of taking again the road for a new round marathon which will have as a point of organ a concert event on June 6, 2006 (6.6.6 for the symbolic system) in an exceptional and unusual place.

Jackson Janet
Jagger Mick
James Kery
Jaoui Agnes
Jarre Jean-Michel
Jarrett Keith
Jean-Paul 2
Johansson Scarlett
John Elton
Johnson Jack


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