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Iglesias Julio

Enrique Iglesias was born on May 8, 1975 in Madrid (Spain), but it passes the greatest part of its childhood to Miami where its family settles at the beginning of the Eighties. Not easy when one is the son of large Julio to dare to launch out in the musical medium, however Enrique takes the risk in 1995 while leaving an album éponyme. Successful bet, the pop album Latin is sold to several million specimens in the whole world and Enrique renews same success in 1997 with its second album "Vivir" then "Cosa Del Amor" which makes capsize the heart of the girls in full boom of the Hispanic music. Enrique, in the space of three album with successful to be made a first name and to conquer a public, and continuous since on its impetus while occurring regularly in concerts giant which join together to 50000 spectators and while leaving new album. It is during the recording of "Quizas", in 2002, that it makes the meeting of tennis woman Anna Kournikova (they marry in 2004). In 2003 it leaves the album "7" on which it delivers to us, once more, a good amount of energy and sensuality. It took fans attendrent four long years to hear Enrique Iglesias on his eighth album, "Insomniac." A voice still envoutante and 16 titles joliments chiseled make this album a success for the Latin lover.

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Enrique Iglesias
Singer Enrique Iglesias
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