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Il Divo

Julio Iglesias was born on September 23, 1943 in Madrid. It follows studies to become diplomat, and in parallel directs itself towards the sport while becoming professional footbalor in the team of Réal Madrid. A serious car accident puts a term at its sporting career and leaves it on a bed of hospital during two years. It is at this time that it starts to sing and to play of the guitar. In 1968, its studies of rights finished, it presents and gains a great contest of song in Spain, it is the catch.

Two years later, it records its first album and quickly becomes an international superstar. In 1971, it marries Isabelle Preysler who will give him three wire: Chábeli, Julio and Enrique (Julio divorces Isabelle in 1975, it lives today with Miranda Rijnsburger, a Dutchwoman with which it has them two children Miguel Alejandro and Rodrigo). Julio sings with the four corners of the world, Japan while passing the USA and records these albums in multitudes of languages. In 1983, it receives a diamond disc for the whole of these sales in the world which rises with more than one hundred million specimens. If Julio the crooner makes crack the women it is certainly thanks to its perfectionism and its will always to improve the things and its talent to go to excavate deeply in its heart and its heart for each one of its creations. Its last French album gone back to 1990 ("To like the Life"), it returns into 2005 towards the public of the hexagon with "the Man Who I Am" album which in twelve titles melancholic persons and moving once more makes it possible to escape in a marvellous country from dreams and love.

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Julio Iglesias
Singer Julio Iglesias
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