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Iglesias Enrique

Akhenaton, Shurik' N, Dj Khéops, Imhotep, Freeman, Kephren, are the six men of group IAM (their truths names are: Philippe Fragione, Geoffroy Mussard, Eric Mazet, Pascal Perez, Malek Brahimi, François Mendy). Come from origins and different cultures, they are a common passion for the hip-hop and launches out in the adventure of a group in 1989.

They record a cassette, become mythical since, "Concept". Located by a producer, this first step in the professional world their makes it possible to multiply the scenic appearances, where they develop them rap that France is then very right discovering. In 1991, their first album leaves: "Of the Planet Mars" which launches their career. In 1993, with "Shade and Light" and individual "MIA", the group makes its entry in signal 50 and remains several week at the head of this classification. IAM is defended to have wanted to make a commercial title and promises that there will be no Mia2. From 1995, the members of the group launch out in solos projects. They are found in 1997 to record a double album ("the School Of the Money Microphone") which contains some rare pearls like "Little brother", "a Cry Runs In the Night", etc. Then again, the members take again their independence and sails towards their projects. It is necessary for the public to await six long year before finding the group who leaves its 4th album in 2003. "To re-examine One Spring" and an album with different sonorities which borrow from various cultures of the sounds and of the melodies which are grafted with wonder on texts always also sour denouncing the injustices of this world. "Saison 5" fifth opus of the group, left at the beginning of 2007, has nothing to envy the productions American and assoit IAM on the throne of the French rap.

Iglesias Julio
Il Divo
Imbruglia Natalie
I Muvrini
Isaak Chris
Jackson Janet
Jagger Mick
James Kery
Jaoui Agnes
Jarre Jean-Michel


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