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Elizabeth Hurley was born on June 10, 1965 in Basingstoke in England. It begins the ballet dancing at the 12 years age then integrates the prestigious school of dance and theatre "The London Studio Center" whereas it is only 17 years old. It appears for the first time at the cinema in 1987 in "Aria". One then sees it at the sides of Hugh Grant in the film "Remando Al Viento". Thunderbolt between two beautiful English who marries, and live a history impassioned during 13 years. In 1992, it unloads in Hollywood in "Passenger 57" with Wesley Snipes.
In 1994, the two tourtereaux ones melt the house of production Simian Films. The same year, it takes down the role of Vanessa Kensignton in laughing "Austin Powers", offering the chance to him to be universally known. It will also turn in "Austin Powers, the spy who drew me", the continuation of film.

In 2000, it is the tear between Hugh Grant and Elisabeth. Following humiliation that Mr.Grant subjected to his charming wife, it decides to divorce. She drowns her sorrow in work and plays then in several films, like "Endiablé", "the Weight of Water", "Bad Luck!" and "Serving Sara".
But after the rain comes the good weather, the actress again meets the love whose small Damian will come out from it, born on April 4, 2002.

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Elizabeth Hurley
Actress Elizabeth Hurley
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