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Isabelle Huppert was born on March 16, 1955 in Paris, of a father chairman of a company of safes and a mother professor of English. Isabelle follows studies traditional and obtains her Vat at 17 years, it passes a Russian licence, then is registered with the academy of Dramatic art of Paris. In 1972, it interprets a minor part in "César and Rosalie" in with dimensions Romy Schneider and Yves Montand. She is however not noticed in this role and they is two years later than its popularity grows finally when she plays the part of Jacqueline in "the Waltzers" of Bertrant Blier.

In 1978, Isabelle plays under the direction of Claude Chabrol in "Noziere Violet". This interpretation is worth its first price of female interpretation to him, bus Isabelle Huppert is a recordwoman on the matter: actress the most named in Césars; actress having had the most films in competition in Cannes (two prices of interpretation); only French actress to have received British Award, a césar, a price in Montreal, two prices in Venice.
After one period during which Isabelle makes choices a little less happy in films than it wishes to play, Chabrol offers three to him scenario "only for it". For "Mrs Bovary" and "the Ceremony", it receives new rewards. "the Pianist" in 2001 or "8 women" the following year are two different facets of what Isabelle can play.
Isabelle Huppert plays of the roles of women without claims, just in their time, reflections of those which one crosses in the life of tous.les.jours. It east can be this charm which it amplifies with the years, this research of the perfection, without one feeling the effort, which makes us more and more succumb to his talent.

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Isabelle Huppert
Actress Isabelle Huppert
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