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Victor Hugo was born in Besancon on February 26, 1802. Wire of a General of Napoleon, it followed his father in several forwardings and campaigns, to Italy and Spain. Of return in Paris, it is devoted to the letters. It wants "to be Chateaubriand or nothing". It Marie with Adele Foucher, her love of youth, with which he has five children. But it has also a mistress during a great part of its life: Juliette Drouet. Its literary talent is recognized very early and it launches "the Odes" in 1822. Consequently, it multiplies creations and becomes the leader of the romantic school with the triumph of its drama: Hernani. (1830)
In 1841, it is elected with the French Academy, after a first failure. This fertile period is however obscured by personal sorrows. Its household is broken by the treason of his/her friend Saint-Beuve. A few years later, it loses his elder daughter Léopoldine, who drowns accidentally. It is a terrible shock. It ceases a time to write and launches out in the public life.

In 1845, it is named even of France. In 1848 it is elected appointed of Paris to the Constituent Assembly and melts the newspaper the Event to prepare its candidature for the Presidency of the Republic and becomes a political character.
Appointed elected official, in favour of Louis Napoleon, it is not long in changing camp and with becoming adverse of that which it regards as a tyrant. In December 1851, it takes part in a movement of resistance and must be exiled. It is withdrawn in Belgium, then in Jersey, then in Guernesey and returns to France only in 1870.
During these fifteen years of exile, Hugo produces his philosopher's stones: Contemplations, the legend of the centuries and poor wretches.
Victor Hugo is triumphantly accomodated when it returns to France in 1870, with the fall of the Empire. He tries to take an active part in the public life but, disappointed by the new government, he withdraws himself again in Guernesey. With its death on May 22, 1885, the Republic makes him national funeral and it is buried in the Pantheon.

1820 Ode sur la Mort du Duc de Berry
1824 Nouvelles Odes
1826 Odes et Ballades
1827 Cromwell
1829 Les Orientales , Le dernier jour d'un condamné, Marion De Lorme
1830 Hernani
1831 Notre-Dame de Paris, Feuilles d'Automne
1832 Le Roi s'amuse
1833 Lucrèce Borgia, Marie Tudor
1835 Le Chants du Crépuscule
1837 Voix intérieures
1838 Ruy Blas
1843 Les Burgraves
1852 Napoléon le Petit
1853 Les Châtiments
1856 Les Contemplations
1859 La Légende des Siècles
1862 Les Misérables
1863 William Shakespeare
1865 Chansons des rues et des bois
1866 Les Travailleurs de la mer, Mille francs de récompense, l'Intervention
1869 l'Homme qui rit
1874 Quatre-Vingt-Treize et Mes Fils
1875 deux premiers volumes d'Actes et Paroles (Avant l'exil et pendant l'exil)
1876 troisième volume d'Actes et Paroles (Depuis l'exil)
1877 deuxième série de la Légende des Siècles , l'Art d'être grand-père, première partie de l'Histoire d'un crime
1878 deuxième partie de l'Histoire d'un crime, Le Pape
1879 La Pitié Suprême
1880 Religions et religion (écrit en 1870)
1883 troisième Tome de la Légende des Siècles
1886 La Fin de Satan
1887-1900 Choses vues (essai)

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