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Whitney Houston is a singer and American actress born in Newark (suburbs close to New York) on August 9, 1963. It bathes in the medium of the music since its more tender childhood, since it is the cousin of Dionne Warwick, the girl of Cissy Houston, singer soul/gospel very known in the USA, and its godmother is Aretha Franklin. Whitney is very beautiful and it was mannequin with adolescence and posed for magazines like "Glamour" and "Seventeen". Moreover, Whitney has a splendid very wide voice (4 octaves) and powerful. As of adolescence, it started to sing in night clubs with her mother, and also took part in some discs as a chorus-singer.

In 1983, it was noticed in a night club by a researcher of talent of the house of Arista discs. The researcher of talent presented Whitney at Clive Davis, president d' Arista, and it signed an exclusive contract with them. In 1985, its first album left and after being unperceived past the first months, generated several tubes in the United States including three No 1, among which famous "the Saving all my coils for you", which made of Whitney Houston a name known in the whole world.
In 1987, Whitney left its second album ("Whitney"), which had almost as many success as the first and made him establish the record of the artist having obtained more individual consecutive No 1 in the USA (7). Its third album had less success than the two first but was sold nevertheless with more than 9 million specimens and generated two tubes No 1 in the United States.
In 1992, Whitney made its beginnings with the cinema in "Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner. The film and the BO had a colossal success, thanks in particular to the song "I will always coils you", and with powerful alchemy between the two stars.
Whitney was a long time regarded as a machine to make tubes, a puppet from which the strings were drawn by Clive Davis. During 15 years following the exit of its first album, it connected success on success, and beat record after record.
It is one of the women still today having sold the most albums in all the history (120 million), it gained an almost incalculable number of awards, and all that it touched is transformed into gold, including its incursion into the world of the cinema ("Bodyguard" in 1992, and "Where are the men" into 1995) and of the TV ("Cinderella" in 1997).
In addition, Whitney devoted much of its time and its money to humane work, in particular by supporting organizations of charity helping the poor, sick children, handicapped and of the organizations of fight against the AIDS.
As regards the personal life of Whitney, in 1992, it married the singer Bobby Brown and they had a fore-mentioned girl Bobbi Kristina, the following year. But their marriage is chaotic and they have both of the problems with drug. Whitney was even forced to make a cure of detoxication last March (March 2005) by American justice, following an intervention of his/her mother, who feared for the life of her daughter. Whitney almost spent a month in the center of detoxication "Crossroads" rested by Eric Clapton, who is on the island of Antigua. It left at the end of April there. It should in the next months begin with Clive Davis the recording of a new album, which must leave at the end of 2006 and make it return in the foreground.

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Whitney Houston
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