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Houston Whitney

The Hooverphonic group was born with the medium from the Nineties from the meeting in Brussels de Alex Callier (bass player and programmer), Frank Duchêne (keyboard) and Raymond Geerts (guitarist). Their passion for the music quickly becomes stronger than all and the trio starts to compose its own titles to inspire by groups like "Massive Attack" or "Portishead".

In 1995, whereas the group made come in studio a girl (Esther) to record the second voices of certain titles, they realize that that corresponds better to their music. Esther, too young (16 years) to take part in the group, is to replace by Liesje Sadonius and the group records its first album "A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular" which leaves in 1996. Criticism is unanimous and hello with pleasure this new group of the Belgian scene which quickly exports out of the borders thanks to the title "2Wicky". In 1997, Liesje leaves the group, it is replaced by Geike Arnaert and its pleasant voice, évanescente and surprising sometimes, which gives to the group its so particular style. The second album ("Blue Wonder Power Milk") leaves into 98, its cinematographic orchestrations which make travel the spirit. Frank Duchêne leaves the group after the recording of the third album "The Magnificent Tree" with the tube impossible to circumvent "Mad About You". In 2002, the group returns with a somewhat different album, a homage to the Sixties "Hooverphonic Presents Jackie Cane", then 2005 should be waited until to discover "No More Sweet Music", a double album on which the 13 titles are included twice in different styles for even more mélodieux pleasures.

Hudson Kate
Hugo Victor
Huppert Isabelle
Hurley Elizabeth
Iglesias Enrique
Iglesias Julio
Il Divo
Imbruglia Natalie
I Muvrini
Isaak Chris
Jackson Janet
Jagger Mick


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