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Dustin Hoffman was born on August 8, 1937 in Los Angeles. As of its youth, it thus bathes in the universe of the cinema and the theatre (his/her father is an accessories supplier for the studios of Columbia and his/her mother is an actress of theatre amateur). Dustin dreams to become pianist and is registered with the academy. There, its professors advise to him to take courses of dramatic art. It follows their recommendation and is registered in Pasadena Playhouse and is impassioned quickly for the theatre. It leaves for New York where it exerts various small trades in waiting of an engagement. In 1961, it makes its beginnings on the boards and will not leave them any more during six years following.

In 1967, it do the Theater World Award and Drama Desk Award for its role in "Eh obtain?" This success opens to him the doors of the cinema with a first role in "the Prize winner". The film is an immense success which launches its career and propels it at the head of the boxoffice. The realizers are interested in him and the proposals are done many. Dustin enchaine turnings ("Midnight Cowboy", "Little Big Man", "Men of the President") with large sizes of Hollywood Faye dunaway, Robert Redford, etc.
In 1979, it gains the Oscar of the best actor for his role in "Kramer Against Kramer".
Changing register with each one of its films, Dustin does not weary the public. Disguised in "Tootsie" (1982) or exceptionally gifted autist in "Rain Man" (1988) it is often rewarded for its compositions. Atypical actor with the multiple facets, Dustin Hoffman marks of his print the American cinema and remains a sour value of that one.

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Dustin Hoffman
Actor Dustin Hoffman
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