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Lauryn Hill was born on May 25, 1975 in the New Jersey in the United States. It is impassioned very early for the music, but starts first of all in the cinema with "Ace the World" and "Sister Act". Then it assembles a group with Prakazrel Pras Michel and Wyclef Jean, it is the birth of Fugees. It owes its popularity with this group which propelled it to the row of princess of the hip hop. She brings to the albums of the group, a cocktail of kind, which plait particularly with the public. "The Score" album left in 1996 is past with more than 17 million specimens in the whole world. The 3 artists see themselves rewarded by two grammy awards, that of the best album rap of the year and that of the best RnB performance.

After such a success, the singer launches out in a career solo and leaves in 1998 its first album "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill". The disc is a success of madness, and pretty Lauryn reaches tops by gaining 5 Awards out of its 11 nominations of 1999.
Although its professional life is very charged, it finds time necessary to be occupied of her children, Zion David Marley (12 years), Selah Louise Marley (11 years), Joshua Marley (3 years), and her last child born in 2003. Hill miss leaves a new album in 2002, and spins the perfect love with the son of Bob Marley, Rohan Marley, whereas to ask moreover?!

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Lauryn Hill
Singer Lauryn Hill
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