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Jacques Higelin was born on October 18, 1940 with Husk-sur-chantereine (Seine-et-Marne). Studious pupil but hardly impassioned, it grows in a bathed universe of music (his/her father, railwayman, devote the greatest part of its time to play of the piano) and devotes himself more particularly to the song. Teenager, it occurs in cinemas during the interval, then having left the school tests itself with the cinema or it obtains roles increasingly important.

In the middle of the Sixties, Jacques Higelin divides himself between the comedy ("Bébert And the Slow train" in 1963, "By a Beautiful Morning Of summer" in 1965, "Encircled" in 1967, etc.) and music by accompanying amongst other things George Moustaki. Its meeting with Brigitte Fontaine is the catch which will push it front in the music. In 1967 the duet records the album "15 Songs Before the Flood". Rebel and who got excited of freedom, the events from May 68 make it possible to Jacques to become one whooping-cough of the students and thus to be made a name quickly. The continuation, everyone knows it, thanks to its talent and with its eclecticism, it becomes one of principal carries flags of the French song and at the rate/rhythm of its albums ("Fallen from the sky" in 1988, "With the heroes of the stunt-flying" in 1994, "Higelin Enchante Trenet" in 2005, etc.) or of its films ("Against the Lapse of memory" in 1991, "A Dead Death!" in 1998, etc.) Jacques Higelin becomes the inspirer of many grass artists. In 2006, Jacques Higelin us gratifie finally of a new album solo "Amor Doloroso" worked with Rodolphe Burger and filled of rare pearls like "Being re-examined And being moved" or "Here It is the hell". A great moment of French rock'n'roll.

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Jacques Higelin
Singer Jacques Higelin
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