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Jennifer Love Hewitt was born on February 21, 1979, in Waco in Texas. As of the five years age, pushed by her mother, it occurs on the local scenes and joined a small troop, Texas Show TEAM, which takes it along in round as far as Russia. His/her mother settles in Los Angeles, in the hope to take down a contract with a house of disc (it records besides in 1992 its first album "Love Songs"), and Jennifer tries also her chance in different casting and ended up becoming presenter of an emission of Disney Channel.

This emission opens the doors to him towards the series "the Life A Five" which makes known it of the public in 1995. It is the same year that it records its first album "Let' S Go Bang". It shares its time between sitcom and the studios of cinema since it turns into 97 then the 98 two episodes of "Remember the Dernier summer". In 1999 with the oddment "Life A Five", Jennifer knows one hollow period during which it takes part only in some telefilms, but it makes its return on large screen in 2001 in "Poisoned Beauties" and the vats of the record dealers in 2002 with its fourth album "Barenaked". Still very young Jennifer Love Hewitt is a woman with whom all seems to succeed, for our greater pleasure.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt
Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt
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