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Hensley John

Jimi Hendrix of its true name James Marshall Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942 in Seattle. To imitate its idols (Presley, Chuck Berry, etc), Jimi uses a handle brush. One day when his/her father thus surprises it repeating, it decides to buy its first guitar to him. Jimi spends an insane time with its guitar to be repeated unceasingly and assembles its first group at the 15 years age. At 17 years, following some problems, it engages in the army which it will leave two years later following a jump in missed parachute in which it breaks the clavicle. During all its time under the flags, it does not give up the guitar and meets even that which will become a few years later its accomplice: Billy Cox. From 1963, Jimi offers its services to various singers which engages it for the quality of its play but gets rid of him because in a its invading way to want to take the initiative of the scene. Moreover Jimi is not long in choking in this role of second and decides to create his own style while assembling its group in 1966: "Jimmy James And The Blueflames".

They occur in the Wha coffee at the "Village" in New York which becomes a point of convergence for certain great name of the medium (Rolling Stone, Animals, etc), avid to see playing the wonder. Chas Chandler falls under the charm and proposes in Jimi to come to join it in London to put on track its talent. Arrived to England, Jimi and Chas auditions some musicians in order to constitute a trio. Noël Redding with low and Mich Mitchell with the battery are retained and form with Jimi the group: "The Jimi Hendrix Experiment". A first 45 turns 4 titles leaves and propels the group to the signal. Very is connected, rounds and first 33 turns, "Are you experienced?".Après an interminable series in concerts which gains each time an enormous success, Jimi decides to make its return to the United States while taking part in the festival of Monterey where it envoûte completely the public. The bet is won, America is conquered. In 1968 Jimi records its third album which will be a double and certainly more succeeded of all: "Electric Ladyland". The interminable meetings of recordings and the direction of the perfection of Jimi put at evil the group. Jimi tries out all kinds of drugs and loses feet vis-a-vis in the real world, it destroys its hotel room in Norway, is made stop by the Canadian customs in possession of heroin or free a concert after having to play three pieces. It finds a second breath while assembling a new group in 1969 at the time of the festival of Woodstock which it encloses while playing in the morning of the third day. However its decision is made, it wants to break with the style that the public knows to him since its beginnings and it launches out in 1970 in the composition of less impetuous pieces to the different tonalities, without however managing to record an album which is appropriate to him. Mined by drugs of all kinds, it finds death in the morning of 18 September 1970, choked by its own references at the time of a heavy sleep caused by a too important catch of sleeping pills.
In addition to the undeniable influence which it had on a multitude of musicians, Jimi Hendrix continuous to haunt and for a long time still memory of its fans.
Discs left its alive :
Are you experienced ? (1967)
Axis Bold as love (1968)
Electric Ladyland (1968)
Smash Hits (compilation) (1969)
Band of Gypsys (1970)

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Jimi Hendrix
Guitarist Jimi Hendrix
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