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Goldie Hawn was born on November 21, 1945 in Tacoma Park (the USA). It grows in a family of artists and begins the dance at the three years age. At 17 years, it has already a solid character which enables him to direct its own troop of dance. A theatrical experiment the growth towards the comedy and if it does not give up the dance, it follows courses of dramatic art during two years. It takes part in several musicals in New York then share to settle in California to try its chance with television in a series. Its services end up pointing out it and Goldie, turns in its first film into 1968 before gaining the Oscar of best the second female one in 1969 for its interpretation in "Fleur De Cactus".

Thereafter it turns in several comedies or light film, but does not hesitate therefore taking the public with against foot while playing in harder films like "Sugarland Express" or "Betrayed". Partner of the actor Kurt Russell for more than twenty years, it has been the mother of the actress Kate Hudson, born into 1979 of a preceding marriage with the musician Bill Hudson. From the middle of the Nineties the beautiful blond is done rarer on the screens and its last appearance with the cinema goes back to 2003 in "Sex fan From Sixties". In 2007, it should return to make us smile in the obscure rooms while playing in "Support and Joy".

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Goldie Hawn
Actress Goldie Hawn
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