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Josh Hartnett was born on July 21, 1978 with St Paul, Minnesota. It goes up on the boards of its school as of its more tender childhood and quickly becomes impassioned by the trade of actor. It settles in New York to follow courses of dramatic art, but will be done returned rather quickly, for refusal of acceptance of the payment.

Josh, does not lose courage and share to settle in Los Angeles to try its chance in the marvellous world of the Hollywood cinema. If it begins while turning in some publicities, it quickly finds an engagement for a new tele series: "Crackers". The series is stopped after some episodes, but it A made it possible Josh to be pointed out. In 1998, it plays its first part for the large screen in a film of horror. From this moment, Josh connects turnings, often for minor parts. It is in 2001, then the following year that the catch with place with its interpretations in "Pearl Harbor" and "the Fall Of the Black Falcon". Its career takes a new dimension and Josh is tested with different styles as in "40 Days, 40 Nights" or "O". Its talent and its youth made of Josh a star on which today can put back an entire film. In 2005, it will be with the poster of several films made with largest (Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, etc.).

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Josh Hartnett
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