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Steven Collin Hart was born on February 29, 1972 in London. Steve grows in a large house surrounded of his/her four brothers and his/her parents until little close his adolescence. Thereafter his/her parents divorce but Steve did not see already that for one of these great passions to the detriment of its studies: Football. It dreams to become a star of football like his Maradona idol. It finishes its studies nevertheless encouraged by his mother but while always playing the foot.
Unfortunately, a serious accident obliges it to stop this sport with 18-19 years. The music being one of its other passions, it launches out à.fond inside.

In 1992, Steve participates in a cast without too believable. It is used to integrate a group which according to the hope of his manager will be known throughout the world: "Worlds Apart." Conflicts appear in the group and the members left one after another because they no longer believe much meet a great success. Only Schelim Hannan and Steve remain as they are, believe them. Their manager is a new cast to replace the escapees and it is Cal Cooper and Nathan Moore who are involved. In 1994 they recorded their first album, which is beginning to give them a little notoriety. From 1996 to 2000 they sell millions of CDs in Europe and other countries such as France, Germany…
They released four albums in a very short period, everything is going too fast for them. They are caught in a dizzying spiral. But fashion band of boys back and eventually their homes disk does not renew their contracts. Steve can not leave the front of the stage because he loves it too. He started a new group "Coast" but Steve has announced that it would perhaps not be the final name of the group. They are looking for a record company willing to make their signing a contract and, if often appear in concert in the USA, the project did not materialize, however.
Steve wrote songs for him as for other groups as "Liberty X" for which he composed four title in 2002. In 2003, it also tries her hand at film getting a role in "A-List", but without really successfully drilled. In 2007, for the happiness of their fans, Worlds Apart is reforment. Steve Hart is well on the party and participate actively in the promotion of the album "Platinum"..

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