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Francoise Hardy was born on January 17, 1944 in Paris. After having passed its vat, it moves towards the music and takes part in the small academy of the song of Mireille. It is noticed by a producer who makes him record his first 45 turns. Sold with more than two million specimens, thanks to the tube "All the boys and the girls", this disc is an open door towards the recording of the first album which leaves in 1963. The concerts are connected at infernal intervals and Francoise when it is not on scene enters in studio to sing titles there writes by Gainsbourg, Patrick Modiano or Brassens. In 1967 it marries Jacques Dutronc (they live always together today) and after having recorded "How Te Statement Good-bye" in 1968 marks a pause in career.

She returns in 1971 with the album which she prefers among all the "Question", recorded with her friend, the Brazilian musician Tuca. After the birth of his/her Thomas son in June 1973 his appearances are done rarer and it leaves only two albums during the Seventies, then three during 80 the and one one during the Nineties. In 2000, with the passage to the third millenium, Francoise returns with a remarkable album, in particular the duets "Since you leave on a journey" with Jacques Dutronc and "I' ll Be signature you" with Iggy Pop. At the end of 2004 Francoise Hardy leaves So much "Beautiful Things" with the participation, amongst other things, of his/her Thomas son. For its album "Brackets" left in 2006, Francoise Hardy records 12 titles in duet with great names of the song like Souchon, El Salvador or Biolay.

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Francoise Hardy
Singer Francoise Hardy
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