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Johnny Hallyday, from its true name Jean-Philippe Smet, was born on June 15, 1943 in Paris. His/her parents, Huguette and Leon, separate in 1944 and Johnny leaves food at one his/her aunts, former actress of silent film, which carry out an itinerant life with his/her two daughters dancers. Johnny follows the school by correspondence, but what it learns and impassions it more remains the spectacle: dance, guitar, song, small advertising films.

In 1957, the family settles in Paris, in IXe district. Johnny made there of the friends, of which some will become also singers (Jacques Dutronc, Eddy Mitchell). It is at this period that it discovers Elvis Presley. It is a revelation and Johnny uses its artistic talents to interpret the songs of its idol to the Drouot Golf. It is discovered by Jacques Wolfsohn, director artistic at Vogue. Subjugated by the talent of the young artist, it signs a contract to him to record its first 45 turns which leaves in 1960 pennies the pseudonym Johnny Hallyday. In 1961, it changes house of disc and sign at Philips, which gives him the means of exploding. Johnny becomes the idol of the young people. Just 18 years old, Johnny puts fire everywhere where it passes. Drouot Golf in Alhambra, of Olympia to the Sport hall, its fans break the armchairs when it is rolled on scene. Johnny connects the tubes: Appoint the night, Pas this song, the idol of the young people, It is terrible, Da doo ron ron, etc. In 1965 it marries Sylvie Vartan who gives him a son the following year (from its connection with Nathalie Baye, will be born a girl (Laura) in 1983). The years pass and Johnny, imperturbable, surfe on the tendencies with an insane ease. It connects successes and always works with largest (Shepherd, Goldman, Obispo, Zazie, etc.) for always remaining at the top in the heart of the public. Public which it regularly invites for gigantic shows as to the Eiffel Tower in front of more than 400000 spectators.
Impossible to circumvent high-speed motorboat, animal of incomparable scene and man with the multiple facets, Johnny Hallyday only joins together with him some impressive figures: 80 million sold discs, 900 songs, 100 rounds, 18 albums of platinum and 17 million spectators.

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Johnny Hallyday
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Wallpaper Johnny Hallyday

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