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Hallyday Johnny

David Hallyday, from his true name David Michael Benjamin Smet, was born on August 14, 1966 in Paris from famous parents: Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan. It grows between Normandy and the USA or it is registered with the academy to learn the song and the guitar. David knows his first musical experiment in public in 1979 by accompanying his father with the battery.

From 1980, following the divorce of his/her parents, David lives at almost complete time in California and is interested more and more in the music. In 1982, it assembles its first group, but it should wait until 1985 so that kind, in Japan to test its potential, its first 45 turns. Success is honourable is David is ready in 1987 to launch out to the conquest of the American market. It records two titles of the original band of the film "He' S My Girl" and day one of the principal roles. The following year, David leaves its first album, "True cool", who is sold with 900 000 specimens and gives his first concerts. In 1989, David marries Estelle (they have them two girl, Ilona and Emma, born in 1995 and 1997, they divorce in 2000) and composes for his father. David is present on all fronts musical: he composes the music of inauguration of Disney Land Paris, writes the BO of "Beware Lady", composes for his parents, fact of short appearances to the cinema and manages to record his own albums which meet each time a great success. In 2001, David takes part in the Orpi Rally in Morocco with his father and finds in piloting a real pleasure. The following year it assembles its own stable, at the sides of Philippe Alliot. In 2004 David Marie with Alexandra Pastor who gives him a child (Cameron) in October of the same year, that is to say one month after the exit of the 8th album of David "Satellite" 100% rock' roll.

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David Hallyday
Singer David Hallyday
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