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Nina Hagen was born on March 11, 1955 in Berlin East, it is the daughter-in-law of the dissenting singer Wolf Biermann, her mother being an actress and realistic singer.
She studies the traditional song and begins her musical career in 1972 with a group of blues Polish. She plays then with two groups and makes the turn of the clubs until December 9, 1976, date on which she is made expel of East Germany, for antisocial attitude.

She emigrates towards London, where she attends Sex Pistols, Slits and of another group of the punk scene. Their short collaboration inspires Nina who of return in Germany assembles her own group and records its first album "Nina Hagen Band" in 1978. The album does not leave indifferent, between lyricism and hysterical barkings, the public discovers an explosive young woman with the removed from rim voice. The following year leaves its second album "Unbehagen" which, are the little brother of the precedent and recoit a good reception the public thanks to the tube "African Reggae".
Nina dissoud her group and leaves for New York. In 1981 nait his/her daughter, Cosma-Shiva and in 1982 its third album in a register completely different from leaves what it had done until there: Nunsexmonkrock. "Nina Hagen In Ekstacy" in 1985 is her last true success before her return towards the end of the Nineties.
Nina remains one of the singers most innovating of the era of punk and undoubtedly the largest artist of the German rock'n'roll.

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Nina Hagen
Singer Nina Hagen
Illustration Nina Hagen


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