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David Guetta was born on November 7, 1967 in Paris. With the 13 years age, David makes his first mix while taking as a starting point the the dj' S which it hears on the first free radios diffusing of the dance. At 17 years, it is engaged like disc jockey in a discotheque and improves what will become its style at the beginnings of the Nineties.

It mixes house on Radio Nova and plays in various Parisian clubs before taking again the Pigalle Madnesses and imposing the house in discotheque. In 1992, he becomes artistic director of Queen, then in 1995, he takes again the De luxe hotel and into 1997 the Baths Showers. But if it is known night birds, it misses the recognition of a whole public who cannot join it in discotheque, in 2001, he signs with Virgin and leaves first individual, and the following year its first album (Just Little More Love) becomes gold disc. David turns to France and Europe but finds time to leave a second album in 2004 "Guetta Blaster" on which it proves to us, with the order its platinums, which he is well the king of the insane nights.

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David Guetta
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