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Grimaud Helene

Green Day was born from the meeting of three young American (Billie Joe Armstrong - February 17, 1972, Mike Dirnt - May 4, 1972 and Tre cool - December 9, 1972) in 1989 in Berkeley (California). Very quickly the trio imposes its punk sound and resolutely modern and is made a name in California. It is thus naturally that in 1992 the group enters in studio to deliver to a more important public its musical production with their first album "Kerplunk".

Success is not resounding but predicts already the EC what will be the continuation of the career of the group. In 1994, with the album "Dookie", Green Day strikes a great blow and the album is sold to several million specimens. The group is with its apogee when leaves, in 1997, "Nimrod", speedé punk-rock'n'roll but also with cooler titles such "Good Riddance" which justifies with him only the recognition of this album but shows also a new musical orientation of the group which the public does not follow in 2000 when Green Day, after three years of silence, leaves "Warning". Been sulky by the public and the critic, the members of the group hesitate to separate and finally decide to put in day before Green Day so that each one can fly of its own wings on personal projects. The year 2004 marks the return of the group on the front of the scene with a new album, "American Idiot", kind of punk opera which denounces the policy of the government of the USA and proves that the group did not finish making speak about him.

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