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Juliette Gréco, was born on February 7, 1927 in Montpellier and spends the first six years of her life to Bordeaux in her large parents. In 1933, its family settles in Paris and Juliette discovers there her passion for the dance and between with the Opera. The war separates the family and Juliette even finds herself delivered to it. She trails in German Saint of the Meadows and with the Latin Quarter and discovers there a intellectual and artistic life which will influence its life.

She launches out in the song in 1949 and if many writers and poets write texts to him but Juliette Gréco is long in being recognized general public her style being too far away from the popular repertory. She records its first disc in 1951 then share to sing in Brazil and the USA where she gains a real success in the review "April In Paris". Of return in Juliette France launches out to the conquest of general public by giving a series in concert and by singing ten titles writes by Serge Gainsbourg.
In 1965, its role in the series TV "Belphégor" makes climb its popularity and Juliette surfe on the vagueness of success during the years which follow. However, at the beginning of the Seventies, its career is blown little by little and Juliette loses herself in a register anti-soldier which the public always does not follow. Continuous Juliette despite everything to turn at the international level and gives tens of recitals per annum. In 1982 she has written her autobiography, leaves a new album and goes up on a French scene for the first time for several years. Then it eclipses again during a few years and returns at the beginning of the Nineties which it will mark with two albums and a recognition national with the Badges of Officer of the National order of merit. Always in round with the four corners of the world Juliette Gréco, in spite of a cardiac alarm, never refuses to leave to the meeting its public with which it sings the French language always alluring a very broad audience as with its last album "the Time Of a Song" left at the end of 2006 on which it takes again 12 traditional.

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Juliette Greco
Singer Juliette Greco
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