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Hugh Grant was born on September 9, 1960 in London. It begins its cinematographic career whereas it is still student at the university of Oxford in 1982, while turning in "Privileged". But in spite of this first role, then some others in telefilms, it is truly only in 1987 that it explodes by interpreting a homosexual young person in "Maurice". This role is worth to him the price of the best actor to the Festival of Venice and the recognition of the public brings to him. Thereafter Hugh is tested in various film styles: horror in "the Den Of the White Worm", drama dans"Lunes Of Gall" and is illustrated with the theatre in "Hamlet". In 1994, the comedy "4 Marriages and 1 Burial" gives a new breath to its career and Hugh expatrie in Hollywood. It connects turnings and often meets success in films as various as "Thunderbolt A Notting Hill" in 1998 or "Swindlers But Not Too" in 2000. In 2004, a few times before the exit of the film "Bridget Jones: The Age of reason ", Hugh Grant with announced to want to mark a long pause in its tedious, long and heavy career become in his opinion" and bringing any pleasure more to him ". After two years of absences, the charmer british reconsiders the front of the scene in 2006 in "American Dreamz".

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Hugh Grant
Actor Hugh Grant
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