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Jean-Jacques Goldman was born on October 11, 1951 in Paris from a father of Polish origin and a German mother. As of its youth, it studies the violin, the piano and the guitar, then during its adolescence plays in various groups of balls while following studies of sociology.
In 1975, its return of the military service has, it marries Catherine, whom it met a few years before (they have three children, Caroline, born in 1977, Michael in 1979, and Nina in 1984). Interested more and more by a musical career, it integrates the group Taï Phong which leaves its first album in 1975. The adventure Taï Phong will last 4 years during which three albums will be produced. After a few months of galères which make it doubt Jean-Jacques meets the producer Marc Lumbroso who allows him to take his take-off in 1981 and starts a career solo with its first album with the title which will make sing all France: "It will be enough to a sign". The tubes are connected ("When the Music Is Good", "I Give You", "I Only Walk", etc.).

The Goldman phenomenon will not stop any more and the albums are connected, fifteen to date, including four with Carol Fredericks and Michael Jones
In spite of his success, Jean-Jacques Goldman keeps the head on the shoulders and remains a simple man who does not hesitate to engage for humane causes which are due to him in heart like "the Restaurants Of the Heart" since 1986.
About the middle of the Nineties it is devoted more and more to the writing for other interpreters as various as Céline Dion, Johnny Hallyday, Patricia Kaas or Florent Pagny before returning finally in the vats in 2001 with its album "Songs For the Feet" which once again meets an enormous success. In 25 years of career Jean Jacques Goldman the interpreter and the type-setter author left an indelible mark in the heart of the public.

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Jean-Jacques Goldman
Singer Jean-Jacques Goldman
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