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Marie Gillain was born on June 18, 1975 in Roccourt (Belgium). Fascinated as of its youth by the world of the spectacle, it is registered, for want of anything better at the place where it lives, in a club of majorettes. But, that does not suffice for Marie to appease her need for representation, also, it organizes spectacles in its attic with her small sister and of the friends. Certain to want to become actress, it integrates, in fourteen years, a troop of theatrical expression of Liege and takes part in its first casting for film "the Lover" of Jean-Jacques Annaud. It is not retained, but made good impression and a year later, it is called to play the sides of Depardieu in "My Father This Hero".

Marie becomes a star and is nominated in Césars, however, it keeps the cold head and devotes the greatest part of its time to the studies and the training of its art in following of the courses of dance and theatre. It turns under the direction of Tavernier in "the Soft food" in 1995 then goes up on the boards for "the Newspaper of Anne Frank", these two interpretations manage to make forget the small Marie of the beginnings to leave place with a true artist. Not very productive, it chooses with attention all its roles and turn with largest: Daniel Auteuil, Isabelle Huppert, Philippe Noiret, Emmanuelle Béart, Fabrice Luchini, Romain Duris, Vincent Perez etc. Frequently rewarded, the beautiful Marie with known to impose her mark and to become one of the French-speaking actresses most important of its generation.

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Marie Gillain
Actress Marie Gillain
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