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Mel Columcille Gerald Gibson was born in Peekskill, New York; January 3, 1956. It is the sixth of a family of 11 children. His/her father, workman with the railroad moves with all the family in Australia for financial reasons, but also to avoid with oldest of the 11 children having to leave for Vietnam. Mel was 12 years old. After the college, it enters to the national institute of dramatic arts of the university of Sydney. During its second year, it is selected by George Miller to play the part of a futuristic hero in Mad max. This film will make it famous in the whole world.

It will hold then the principal role in "Tim" or it incarnates a handicapped young man. This service will be worth to him the reward of the best actor of the cinematographic institute of Australia.

It is then recognized like a star international thanks to the series of Mad Max. With film of Peter Weir "Gallipoli", it receives one second reward like better Australian actor. A few years later, Weir and Gibson collaborated again in "The Year of Living Dangerously." It made its beginnings in the American cinema with "The River". But Mel Gibson does not forget any therefore films of actions since it will play in the trilogy "Lethal Weapon" with which it will prove that it is always present in the boxoffice.

It is also able to play of the dramatic roles like "Hamlet", which was the first production of its company of production "Icon Productions" and which was worth the reward to him William Shakespeare of the Folger theatre of Washington, D.C. It carried out its beginnings as a realizer in "The Man Without A Face" or he will be also an actor. Icon Production will also produce "Forever Young" and "Maverick".
In "Braveheart", he is a producer, realizer and actor. This film gained many Oscars, of which that of the best realizer.

It is married since June 17, 1980 with Robyn Moore. From this union were born seven children: Hannah, the Edward twins and Christian, William, Louis Milo and the small Thomas last. In 2004, it creates the feeling by carrying out "the Passion Of Christ", a historical fresco in araméen and Latin devoted to the twelve last hours of Jesus-Christ.

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