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Richard Tiffany Gere was born on August 31, 1949 in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. In parallel with its studies of psychology, it follows courses of theatre and occurs in Broadway in "Grease", "the Dream of the summer" or "the tamed Shrew".
In 1975, the Beautiful Kid turns to the large screen by making an appearance in "Carryforward to the Commissioner", but they are films like "A the Search for Mr. Goodbar", "the Harvests of the Sky" or "Yanks" which make of him the rising star Hollywoodienne.
In 1980, after having burst the screen and amazes million spectator in "American Gigolo", sublimates it Richard Gere becomes a sex-symbol American cinema.
Unfortunately, success quickly fell down. Indeed, it plays during ten years in many films which show a commercial failure.

In 1990, it is selected to interpret a tempting billionaire in "Pretty Woman" at the sides of Julia Roberts. This role starts again its career and fact of him one of the actor of the most coveted American cinema. It connects with many films such as "Sommersby" in 1993, "Intersection" in 1994, then finds its way in the thriller and the romantic comedy with "Hot Blood for Murder of Coolness", "Fear Primal" or "Just Married (or almost)".
In 2001, Richard plays the sides of Olivier Martinez in "Inaccurate", but what will mark this year is of course the musical "Chicago". It returns in 2003 in "Shall we Dance? The New Life of Mr Clark "or he is the partner of dance of sulfurous Jennifer Lopez. In 2005 and 2006, Richard will be with the poster of "Bea Season" and "Hoax".

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