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Sarah Michelle Gellar was born on April 14, 1977 in New York. She begins her career early, since it is at the 4 years age that she is noticed in a restaurant by a director of casting and takes down its first role for a publicity. She showed surely a certain talent since she obtains a role in its first telefilm: "Year invasion of Privacy".

Several years are passed before it makes another things only publicities (it turned from there nearly a hundred) and in 1991 its career takes off, since it plays in the mini-series "a named woman Jackie", who receives a reward. From this moment very is connected: in 1993 it obtains the role of Kendall Hart in the series "All my children". It will remain 2 years and half in the "skin" of this character and announces his departure after having gained Emmy Awards.
In 1996 it auditions for a new series in preparation:' Buffy against the vampires ". The producers gives him the first role.
The series quickly becomes one of most important in the United States and conquered many fans. Sarah becomes a large high-speed motorboat and benefits from it to launch out in other projects ("Remember-toi…l' be last", "Scream 2", "Sex Intentions").
Actress, sporting (Sarah practises Tae Kwon Do and KickBoxing) Sarah Michelle Gellar does not forsake any therefore her love life since it with married Freddie Prinze Junior in 2002, her partner in Sooby-Doo of which it with turned the continuation in 2003.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar
Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar
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