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Garou, from its true name Pierre Garand was born on June 26, 1972 in Sherbrooke in Quebec. Thanks to his father, guitarist of rock'n'roll at his hours, it receives his first guitar at the three years age, later it will discover the piano and the trumpet. As of adolescence, it plays as guitarist with a group of his college, then its finished secondary studies, it leaves to make its military service where it is engaged as trumpet player in a brass band.

In 1992, its time under the flags finished, it is devoted to the song while playing in bars and in 1995, it creates with some musicians the group "The Untouchables". It is in 1997, at the time of the one of the services of the group, that Luc Plamondon sees in Garou the Low Sunday of his musical "Our Injury Of Paris". Garou interprets the role of Low Sunday more than five hundred times, from Paris in Montreal while passing by London. It receives many rewards and benefits from the notoriety brought by this role to launch out in a career solo in 2000 while leaving its first album "Alone" which gains an unquestionable success. During the summer 2001, the woman of Garou puts at the world their first child, small Emelie. For a second more personal album ("Return") at the end of 2003, it is necessary to wait until 2006 to again hear Garou in an album named "Garou". Surrounded to compose and write this opus great size of the French song: Pascal Obispo, Jean Jacques Goldman, etc, Garou prove to us once more that he is an exceptional singer with a splendid voice.

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