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Jennifer Garner was born on April 17, 1972 in Houston in Texas (the USA) but grows in Virginia where it takes during several years of the courses of ballet dancing. Towards the 16 years age, it takes its first courses of theatre but does not give up therefore its studies of chemistry. However, to play allured more and more beautiful Jenni and since 1995 it takes down its first roles in telefilms. Thereafter it takes down some roles in films like "Harry In All Its States" or "Pearl Harbor", but it is thanks to its service in the series "Alias" into 2001 that the fame of striking down Jennifer reaches her paroxysm. Without leaving the series, Jennifer connects turnings in supers productions as "Daredevil" at the sides of Ben Affleck who becomes his companions in the life (they have together a small girl in 2005) by making filled woman sentimentally and a professionally, provided that that lasts... for our greater pleasure.

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Jennifer Garner
Actress Jennifer Garner
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