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Galliano Richard

Gall France, from his true name Isabelle Gall, was born on October 7, 1947 in Paris. She grows in a musical universe (his/her father and type-setter for Aznavour and Piaf amongst other things, and his/her large father and the founder of the "Small Singers to the Wood Cross") and very early learns the piano and the guitar. It is under the impulse of his/her father that it records its first 45 turns in 1962. She leaves the school to devote herself entirely to her trade and records the song which reveals it with the public: "Crowned Charlemagne". She is selected in 1965 to take part in the contest of Eurovision and gains with the title "Wax Headstock, Poupée of Sound", composed by Serge Gainsbourg. In 1966, "the lollipops", titrates with the ambiguous words written by Gainsbourg, exposes France to the mockeries and with the attacks of criticisms and the girl who it is then, not supporting the repercussions of the scandal prefers to move away from the world of the spectacle.

It reconsiders the front of the scene following its meeting with Michel Berger who writes a splendid album in 1974 to him. They marry two years later and their work will be at the base many tubes: "Music", "the Declaration", "It Played Of the Piano Upright", etc. In 1978 and 1981 child, Pauline and Raphaël are born their two which does not prevent France from continuing its career. Towards the beginning of the Eighties, the couple invested much in the humane field and more particularly on the African continent for which it is discovered a true passion. In 1992, after 18 years of joint work, Michel and France leave their first joint album: "Double game", last fruit of their union since Michel dies in August of the same year. From moment, France moves away from the studios and does not make any more that rare appearances in which it always pays homages to its disappeared love. In 1997, a new drama striking, his/her daughter reached of mucoviscidose dies. From France did not give the feet in a studio and makes only very rare appearances as a public.

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France Gall
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